Our Favorite Test Ever – The Local Brewery!

Beer growler transport, sports, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, off-roading, hiking, in the gym, first responders, search and rescue, survivalist, at the office, emergency preparedness, horseback riding, pet hydration, scouts, tailgate parties, first aid and carrying portable cell phone chargers.

Product Uses

It’s amazing how many growlers of all shapes and sizes come through the door at your local craft brewery. People love their double-walled growlers because they can hold carbonation all day and into the evening. They also stay ice cold for 24 hours.

Not to mention, a growler fill-up is a great value. It’s often significantly cheaper to fill up a growler than to purchase a much smaller bomber of equal quality. Fresh craft beer at a fair price is hard to beat!

Keeping your expensive growler safe whilst transporting is something our Fast Wilderness line of premium carriers does very well. Not only that, it looks pretty damn sexy. Don’t put your growler in a cheap sleeve with tiny pockets. Protect your investment in premium flasks and enjoy your travels!

Mojave Desert

It’s heating up in the Mojave Desert. We had a fun week of off-roading, fishing and meteorite hunting in one of the most hostile yet beautiful landscapes in the world. We testing or FW40 and FW64 carriers and brought along a RTIC 64 oz. Bottle and Hydro Flask® 40 oz. wide mouth. Both bottles did well and were fully protected from the elements from the base of the cap down. We hauled only chilled water for this test. Despite the black color of our FW40 and FW64 carriers, they provided an extra layer of insulation in the heat that was approaching 100 degrees F. The fabric was not hot to the touch, but we avoided placing heat-sensitive items in the pockets if the carrier was exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods.. The carriers also washed up great from the soil of the desert floor. We used the large pocket for an iPhone 6 + and the smaller pocket for a small folding knife. We also used the extra D-ring to attach a small mesh pouch with compass.

All of our products are proudly designed and field tested in the Colorado wilderness. Many improvements are made during our prototype iterations with our suppliers. Usability, attention to detail and durability is our primary focus.

We typically hike out into heavily wooded areas to conduct field testing. The products are evaluated using multiple applications. Although not waterproof, the pockets do provide ample protection from light rain and moderate splashes. The pockets are big enough so that the flask carrier can actually function as a daypack for essentials or as a first aid kit.

The addition of two high quality stitched loops and an extra metal D-ring allow for more attachment points and accessories.

We specifically designed the main pocket large enough to support an iPhone 6 Plus with a protective case such as the Ballistic Tungsten or similar. The main pocket was tested with devices measuring up to 6.5 inches tall, 3 ¼ inches wide and ½ inch deep while the flask is in the pocket. The smaller zipper pocket is roomy enough for a set of keys or for your car’s keyless entry device..

We also made sure that popular brands could slide easily into and out of the sleeve while maintaining a snug fit when pull string is tightened.